Live Spots is calling all musicians and performers for expressions of interest to perform. If you're a performer or musician and would like to book gigs at our Live Spots locations, get in touch with us today! We are excited to grow this web page to feature all of your favourite local artists!

About Live Spots

Live Spots is a Newcastle based initiative that creates live music 'spots' throughout the region to provide ambiance for business precincts and income and promotional opportunity for local musicians. The Business Improvement Associations of Hamilton, Newcastle City, Wallsend and Mayfield created Live Spots to foster community engagement and encourage promotion, activation and placemaking. We are working closely with the City of Newcastle to provide numerous spaces throughout Newcastle to host Live Spots performances. Importantly, the Live Spots initiative is not just about creating performance spaces. It is about facilitating ambient music in locations at key times that passing foot traffic can enjoy.

What‘s on in Newcastle?

Discover the Live Spots locations. Details of upcoming performances are coming soon!

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  • Cooks Hill
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  • Mayfield
  • Newcastle
  • Wallsend

Darby Street


Hunter Street Mall


James Street Plaza


Victoria St, Mayfield


Wallsend Rotunda

Big Picture Fest Logo

Live Spots has teamed up with The Big Picture Fest to offer their street walkers some tasteful music over the October long weekend. If you're planning on getting around the city to enjoy the incredible mural artwokrs that will be on display on the 3rd and 4th October, head to Darby St and Museum Park on your way past to enjoy some music from some of Newcastle's finest musicians. Checkout the posters below for more details.

Live Spots Event Poster Final

Live Spot's Artists

Keep your eyes on this space! More music videos coming soon!


How do I book a 'gig' with Livespots?

Use the call to action buttons at the top of this webpage to register an expression of interest. A member of the Live Spots team will get in touch with you to begin the process. Opportunities to perform with Live Spots are subject to availability. 

Can anyone perform at a Live Spots location?

Absolutely! We have a number of locations that are coming online in the coming weeks and months. We will be using a Capability Framework to match performers with gigs and locations. In short, this looks at the genre and style of your music and allocates you to a suitable location etc. If you're an emerging artist and would like support and assistance in getting performance ready, we will work with you, with the help of ATWEA College to build your skills and stage presence so that you feel confident and performance ready.

Do I get paid If I perform with Live Spots?

Live Spots pays all artists a $50 fee for a 45 minute performance and provides the artist with an opportunity to be listed in the Live Spots database of performers, promoted on the Live Spots website and the opportunity to promote their music during their live performance. All artists must be registered and allocated a performance slot by Live Spots in order to be compensated.  

I play music, but haven't performed before. Can I still be involved?

Absolutely, we are passionate about supporting up and coming artists and understand the challenges that you face when trying to book your first performance opportunities. Live Spots provides complementary workshops, delivered by ATWEA College for musicians who need extra support in order to comfortably and confidently play their first gig! For more information, visit this link.

Contact Livespots

The Live Spots project is a collaborative initiative of the BIAs of Newcastle and Atwea College. The initiative is undertaken in partnership and agreement with the City of Newcastle.